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FAQ  About Windläufer Puppies

Our puppies range from $1800.00 - $2000.00. Sometimes, we will have puppies that are a little less.

1. One question we get a lot of is "why are your dogs so expensive?"  "I bought my last dog for $400.00!"

 I could go with the old saying; you get what you pay for. And, that is true. But, I do try to explain that all you have to do is look around, everything has gone up. Vet prices have almost tripled, buying a titled dog has doubled. Food and care has almost doubled. Training outside your own self, that is expensive to say the least.  So unfortunately, puppy prices also go up.
We do not skimp on the care and breeding that goes into a puppy that you get from Windläufer German Shepherds. 

2. How old will they be before I can bring my puppy home?

A -
Windläufer puppies must be between 8-10 weeks old before allowed to leave for their new homes. Waiting this amount of time helps the puppy learn from his litter mates and mother how to act in a normal household. They learn not to bite hard (well, they try) and when to back off. They learn the art of playing and the results of not listening to "mom".  So much learning goes on from about the age of 5-6 weeks to that 8-10 week mark! Also, by that time, they are fully weaned and eating solid food.

3. What do we get for $1800.00?

A -
First and foremost, you are getting a well bred, healthy, and socialized Windläufer puppy! But included in that package is a booklet with lots of information on how to train and raise your German Shepherd puppy. Everything from bowls to bathing to play time. How hard to play, how to protect your puppy from hurting his hips or elbows so they have time to mature and the bones can grow and harden.

Your puppy will come with his first set of shots and a shot schedule. But your Vets schedule may differ a bit.

You will be getting a book on Vaccinations! Please read it! We believe our animals as a whole are over vaccinated and this book will explain why and how detrimental it is to our animals.
Your puppy will have had at least two Vet health check ups.

He/she comes with a Health guarantee/ contract. In it we describe what is covered and what we expect from you, as his/her new family.
Last but not least, he comes with our pledge to be here for you in what ever way we can to help you both adjust to having a new family member and a new home. Puppies are not always easy. That's a fact. Potty training, obedience, learning what is acceptable and what is not. That can be hard on the puppy and you!  I suggest you always read the booklet sent home with your new family member.


4. Will you ship my puppy ?

In the past we have shipped puppies all over the world. Now, we choose not to do it.
       We do have a reliable ground transport company that we work with for people that live out of state. Their cost is reasonable and as a couple, they are very caring and good with animals.

5. What food do you feed?

We tend to vary our food. We believe our animals get just as bored as we do with the same food all the time, day in and day out.  So we try to vary it with good solid ingredients, healthy and good for them. Sometimes adding raw here and there.
At this time, we are feeding Victor Professional and Victor High Pro for puppies and moms. 
We do supplement with Nu Vet Vitamins and / or Body Builder for dogs. No, it isn't just to build massive muscles! It is good for reproduction in the males and females.

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