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Windläufer Studs


SG Sam di Casa Massarelli
IGP1, BH-VT,  HD / ED Normal
DM Clear
DOB: 7/27/2018

A top son of ;
VA Spencer di casa Massarelli 
11 VA Dogs in his 1st 4 Generations

Sam will be available as a stud to select females.
R copy-Max.jpg

Max is 4 years old.  He will be looking for a forever home. Please call Terry or Mike for more information.    816-797-8084

Max vom Windläufer

DOB; 7-28-20

Hips and Elbows prelmed good waiting for OFA.
Max is the Son of our Ramses which was the grandson of;

Multiple VA/Universal Sieger; Triumph's Gucci and
VA1 Yello vom St Michaels Berg

20220602_124150 copy 2-3_edited.jpg

Outside our Kennel Studs


R copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg

SG  Lenox vom Palez Team
Klinkhaus German Shepherds

HD/ED  Normal/Normal
DM Clear

JR 756218


Don vom Haus Tepferd
D.O.B.  05/23/2009
OFA-HD/ED Good/Normal
Sire: V  Eon von Nimbus-SchH3
Dam: V  Yana vom haus Tepferd-SchH2
G Sire:: VA Hill vom Farbenspiel
(2x Huppy vom Arlett, VA Emor vom

 Don has wonderful drive, temperament and pigment and tends to pass this on to his progeny along with his beautiful structure and movement. 

Don has a happy go lucky attitude unless called upon to be different.

We do have updated photos of our guys if you would like to see what they are like now.

All of our guys are still full of vim and vigor !

Don, 11 1/2,  has not lost his vigor for life and is still producing beautiful litters. He also runs and plays like he did as a very young man. Still loves to carry his "wubba".


CH Ramses vom Windlaufer, blk and red German Shepherd, G-son of Triumph's Gucci

CH Ramses vom Windlaufer

DOB: 9/18/2011

DM Clear /  DNA Certified

OFA Good Hips / Elbows

Gone but NEVER forgotten

Ramses is a beautiful black and red  male out of our Ariana and Quando. He is the Grandson of  7x VA1~Universal Sieger Triumph's Gucci and G-grandson to World Sieger VA1 Ursus von Batu. Ursus was the greatest producing dog in the history of the breed. He was responsible for producing more World Siegers than any other dog. Ramses is also the Grandson of 2x VA1 Yello vom St.-Michaels-Berg.

He could not have come from any finer or more desirable lineage than these dogs. 

Ramses is big boned, deep pigment with medium drive and temperament.

His correct movement floats along the ground, it is beautiful to watch.

Ramses is only 8 and still his gait amazes us. Beautiful strides, he looks like he glides across the field.  His off spring are gorgeous with outstanding temperament!

Rest in Peace our big man.

CH   SG1 Nik vom Clearcreek Baurenhof

DOB: 8/24/2009 

HD/ED  Normal (a1) Germany

DM: 1 Mutation

Sire: VA1 X Box Dei Precision

          2 x NASS Sieger

Dam: V Accie vom Clearcreek Bauernhof


Nik is a very athletic boy, loves, loves going after the  water and has energy to burn yet quiet in the house.  Nik has made a wonderful addition to our home and the girls really like him. Nik is a great German Shepherd dog producer giving his offspring his wonderful head, pigment and temperament.

Nik has 14 VA dogs in his first 4 generations!

Nik, though turning 11 this year still chases his tail and thinks he is still a puppy.

Studs We Have Used From Other Kennels

Tuareg is large, medium strong, excellent type and expression, very good pigment, very good proportions, expressive head length with a great dark mask. High withers, firm back,  good croup situation, very good angulation of front and rear, balanced harmonious breast developement. Especially the front, accurate and far reaching from the front and rear view, powerful ground covering gait, effective supply and free precedence, safe nature and UCB pronouncedly.

SchH 3, Kkl a1


Ilay is a beautiful, big strong male with awesome head

and pigment, his temperament is to die for.  Ilay is  a strong male

with great working ability and passes this on to his progeny. Ilay is now 11 1/2 years young (2015) ! 

SchH 3, Kkl a1 


We had the great pleasure and honor of knowing and loving Gucci for several years before he passed on. I have never known of a dog with Gucci's talent. He was every bit the "working dog" in a show line body. His last great achievement in my mind was when he made VA7 at 9 1/2 years old! Gucci has passed on but his memory and lineage still lives on in our hearts and the lineage of our dogs.

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