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For Sale ~ Older Puppies / Adults


Alisvut body.jpg

Alice is a 4 year old spayed female. Call for more information. She is being sold as a companion dog.

816-797-8084  Terry

Jack_ 12-2-23.jpeg

.New Pictures to come or just call us!  816-797-7976  Mike



Jack is approximately 2-3 yrs old. Un-neutered, and s putting on weight nicely.  We had our Vet give his Rabies and distemper. Then we also have de-wormed him.


We have named him Jack and he has learned his name quickly.  Jack is most likely of working lines and a very nice looking boy. 



LOVES being with his people

 Nice energy, not over the top

Settles down nicely in the house

So far seems to love people

(It is only Mike and I here, going to invite our son to come interact with him)

Has been clean in wire kennel at night and tries to keep his run clean also. Will wait to relieve himself when let out for his exercise.

Knows basic commands ( chooses when he wants to respond, so we are working with that)



1. He will require a knowledgeable dog person because he should have more obedience but will require patience.

2.He is a strong dog.


All in all, we think Jack will make someone a wonderful dog companion. He needs more training on a consistent basis. I have a feeling he was dumped out here in the country or, he was tied up, and chewed through the tie-out.


Mike and I are retiring from the breeding and showing.  so we don't need another dog, but no way we could justify leaving him out there.


Ok, if you could help by rembering Jack to prospective people, it would be greatly appreciated.  We will be selective of prospective parents. This boy deserves a loving home.


Thank you, 

Mike and Terry    816-797-7976

Jack has put on weight since these photos

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