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Olewo Carrots help promote bone and tissue growth, strengthen a puppy's important immune system and prevent puppy diarrhea.When a puppy's digestive system is so young, it still has difficulty processing new foods, and any change in diet can cause diarrhea. German Shepherds have sensitive digestive systems and Olewo is great for keeping the system in check and the bowels clean and healthy.





Two very important factors come into play with feeding vegetables to dogs:


1. Amount of Vegetable: Vegetables should only make up a small percentage of a dog’s diet. Therefore it is important to choose nutrient dense vegetables like carrots that provide lots of nutrients in the given volume of vegetable.


2. Proper Preparation of the Vegetable: Proper preparation of the carrots is the key to increase their digestibility so that dogs are able to absorb their many health-promoting nutrients. Carrots contain cellulose, which cannot be digested by dogs. Dogs may enjoy eating raw carrots, but the chewed pieces simply pass through their digestive system with many of the nutrients not absorbed. If you take a close look, you can see the pieces in the dog’s poop just the way they were swallowed. Only when properly prepared and given in the correct form, can dogs absorb and benefit from the valuable nutrients in carrots.



Fast and Visible Results: Olewo Carrots are so effective that results can be seen in just a few days after incorporating the food supplement in your dog’s daily diet. After just 2 days, the intestine lining is calmed, resulting in a quick cure from diarrhea for dogs with digestive issues, and Olewo Carrots will keep the digestive system healthy with continued daily use. Typically after a couple of weeks, thicker and shiner, smooth and silky coats can be seen, and the overall picture of the dog will be healthier. Olewo Carrots also provide long term results that are not as visible, such as increased antioxidant levels and a strong immune system, which also contribute to your dog’s health and help eliminate many of the common ailments.


Due to the special preparation method, the nutrients are retained until the carrot pellets are reconstituted with warm water by the consumer prior to preparing their dog’s meal. The dehydrated carrot product returns to a fresh food appearance with the same palatability and nutritional value that closely resembles the fresh vegetables they are made of.


Health Benefits

The naturally occurring nutrients preserved in Olewo Carrots help support:

· Healthy Digestion* · Prevention from Worms* · Healthy Skin & Coat* · Antioxidant Levels* · Immune System* · Liver & Thyroid Health* · And more...


Benefits of Using Olewo Carrots ~ Con't.


Worms & Parasites One of the primary organs in the dog's body for toxins to accumulate is the colon. When the colon becomes toxic, harmful bacteria starts growing and can become a home to a host of parasites. Carrots contain a volatile (essential) oil that kills worms and parasites and the fiber helps move the waste out of the intestine.


Skin & Coat OLEWO Carrots are loaded with beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) and help improve the dog's coat, markings and pigmentation. From young dogs to show winners, a shiny coat is the sign of optimal nutrition.


Liver & Thyroid Health  Nutritional deficiency and toxic overload are common causes for liver and thyroid problems. The health of both organs is important because the liver converts thyroid hormone. Carrots have powerful cleansing properties and the vitamins and minerals in OLEWO Carrots can help promote liver & thyroid health.


Protection against Disease & Infection The high amounts of beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) as well as the good amounts of vitamin C in OLEWO Carrots boost the immune system, which can help prevent or fight off infections and disease by making white blood cells that destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.


After Surgery or Illness OLEWO Carrots provide palatable, concentrated nutrition which is needed for recovery after surgery or during times of illness.


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