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Upcoming   or   Available Puppies

All of our puppies are sold on a limited registration, however should a owner wish, a dog that  passes OFA with Good or Excellent hips and elbows at 2 years of age, demonstrates proper temperament and mental outlook for a German Shepherd, may then request full registration at an additional fee.  Deposits are $400. non-refundable.  For any further questions please feel free to contact us by text or call:  816-797-8084

We accept Venmo, Cash App and PayPal             If you prefer, you may bring cash when you pick up your puppy.


Only 1 male available. DOB: 3/3/22     Lobo, a fun energetic puppy.
He is smart, loving and outgoing. He loves being with his family but also likes to explore.
Call for further information      Terry or Mike         816-797-8084


Borgia-Ruger copy.jpg

$2500 shipping included-Depending upon where you live.

Lobo is SOLD

This little guy has an amazing personality. Loves being with his human family as well as exploring the great outdoors
with his mom. Lobo is ready to go home this week or next. Will have all necessary deworming and first shots.
He is already learning sit and has had a few times on the lead. Knows to potty in the shavings box so is on his way to potty training.  If you can come to visit and pick Lobo up, then the price will drop by $500.


Lobo 7 wks

lobo 7 wks copyweb.jpg

Lobo 6 wks





Red-6 wks (4)_edited.jpg
Red-6 wks (3)_edited.jpg
Spoken For
Tan - 8 wks-2.jpg

Yellow- King - Male

6 wks (3)_edited.jpg
Yellow-5 wks

Tegan will do well with an active family. She has a little higher prey drive so would do well in obedience, agility and will make a wonderful family companion. Possible tracking candidate.

Spoken For


Lt Blue-Kaden- Male - Teresa & Dwayne

Spoken For

Green - Blaze - Male - Eshaan S.

Blaze-Green-6 wks (1)_edited.jpg
Blaze-Green-6 wks (2)_edited.jpg
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Orange - Sammy - Male - Cheryl H.

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Brown - Keera - Female

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Fiesty - Purple - Kalin - Female

Purple 6 wks (2)_edited.jpg
Purple 6 wks (1)_edited.jpg
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Pink-Katie - Female

Pink 6 wks (1)_edited.jpg
Pink 6 wks (2)_edited.jpg
Spoken For

The litter is now 7 weeks old. Starting to develop that adorable little Shepherds look.  Moving around like  tanks and playing  with each other.  For further information or questions please contact Terry or Mike

816-797-8084  /  816-797-7976

There will be some long hairs as well as plush coats.

This will be a very nice litter filled with excellent temperament from both parents though Sam is a little more protective than Kristal, she is an excellent mother with wonderful instincts for nurturing and caring for her babies. Kristal has nice agility, is smart and willing to listen and learn. She has a good nose, always on the ground!

There should be a few long hair and plush to standard coats.

Sam is a very loving Sire, but has more protective side to him. Good ball drive and smart.

We are adding names to our waiting list now and we are now taking deposits. 

Deposits are $400. non-refundable but should something come up to prevent you choosing a puppy from this litter, your deposit may be rolled over to the next litter of same value.

Thank you to the following people for choosing  a Windläufer puppy as your new family member!

Male 1 - Cheryl H. - Orange                                            Female 1-Sam S - Brown

Male 2 - Mahammad S  -Green                                        Female 2 - Genelle S - Purple

Male 3 - Teresa and Dwayne  - Blue                                Female 3 - Chantel M - Pink

Male 4 -  Katelyn R  - Big Yellow                                    Female 4 - 

Male 5 - David and Lisa                                                   Female 5 - Waiting confirmation


 Litters Outside our Kennel Sired by our Males

Sam di casa Massarelli  /  Greta vom haus Wildfang

This litter has been confirmed and due end of July 2021 

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Mike and Terry



Hi 14 years ago I purchased a female long coat from you. She passed away last year, 1 month from her 13th birthday, of heart failure. I'm in search of another such beautiful female and wondering what your cost is for Unlimited registration. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful companion for so many years. Thank you, Tracie R