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Mike and I are now retired from the breeding and showing of our wonderful German Shepherds.

However, you may check back here every now and then for available puppies from our good friends that are trustworthy and long time breeders.  Should they have any litters available, I will post a link on this page.

Also, for now, we are leaving the whole site up as we have some very good information on the raising, training and health of the GSD. So please feel free to browse our links for that information.

We wish to thank every one of you that has supported our endeavor's in the past to breed and offer what we considered some of the best European bloodlines with sound in mind and body, German Shepherds. 

We do have 3 (three) dogs available for adoption to the perfect forever home. The first two we would love to see go to the same home but it isn't a must.  Alice is a beautiful Black shepherd and  is spayed. She is loving and does very well in the house. Her running partner is Max. He is a handsome Black and Red male also very good in the house. He has been raised here since 8 weeks old and is out of our old bloodlines. Super loving with a typical GSD "let me get to know you" attitude. He still thinks he should be on his dads lap. lol

The last guy is a rescue. He is a beautiful working line shepherd. He is of the silver and black coloring.  He reminds us of looking at a Wolf.  Loving, wants only to be in the house with his people. He is not good with other males, but then most males don't run together well. He's kind, curious and since we've brought him into the house, he's been a perfect gentleman. He learned quite quickly the boundaries of where he could and could not go.  He is a big boy now that we have put some bulk back on him. He is strong and somewhat strong willed, but respects Mike.  We could neuter him or you can. Again, we want someone that has proper fencing and time to spend with him. He begs for that closeness though he doesn't have to be on your lap.

He just wants to know where you are and check up on you from time to time.  I will be posting new pictures of all three dogs but if you are interested before then, please feel free to give us a call. 

Mike and Terry  Dirlam

816-797-8084 c.

Jack_ 12-2-23.jpeg

We salute  our troups and their working companions May God bless all of you and keep you safe. For those who have given the greatest gift of all, we thank you and all of the families who were left here to carry on without you.

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